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Caprylic Acid - Manufacturer

Caprylic Acid - Manufacturer

Product Details:


Product Description

Caprylic Acid









Mol. Wt.


Purity by GC

99% Min by GC


Colorless to Pale Yellow Liquid        

Acid Value

381 - 393

Saponification Value

381 - 393

Iodine Value

1 Max


Plastic carboy of 30 KGS Net

Acme Synthetic Chemicals is the Manufacturer of Caprylic Acid.

Caprylic Acid - Manufacturer is Classified under CAS No.124-07-2.

Caprylic Acid - Manufacturer (CAS No.124-07-2) is also known as Octanoic Acid. 

Caprylic Acid - Manufacturer (Octanoic Acid, CAS No.124-07-2) found in smaller amounts in coconut oil and palm kernel oils.

Caprylic Acid - Manufacturer (Octanoic Acid, CAS No.124-07-2) is colorless light yellowish transparent oily liquids with unconfortable smells.

Caprylic Acid - Manufacturer (Octanoic Acid, CAS No.124-07-2) is an antimicrobial pesticide used as a food contact surface sanitizer in commercial food handling establishments on dairy equipment, food processing equipment, breweries, wineries, and beverage processing plants.

Application of Caprylic Acid - Manufacturer (Octanoic Acid, CAS No.124-07-2) includes Organic Synthesis, Manufacture Of Perfume, Medicine, Lubricating, Grease, Rubber And Dye. Rubber & Latex, Plastics, Greases & Lubricants, Food Additives,Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics.

Caprylic Acid - Manufacturer (Octanoic Acid, CAS No.124-07-2) is taken as a dietary supplement within alternative medicine. It is believed to suppress fungal infections within the gut, notably candida albicans infection.

Nutritionists often recommend Caprylic Acid - Manufacturer (Octanoic Acid, CAS No.124-07-2) for use in treating candidiasis (yeast infection) and bacterial infection.

The U.S.Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Caprylic Acid - Manufacturer (Octanoic Acid, CAS No.124-07-2) with Generally Recognizable As Safe (GRAS) status. 

Caprylic Acid - Manufacturer (Octanoic Acid, CAS No.124-07-2) is used as parenteral nutrition in patients who require nutrition supplementation, as well as in some drugs, foods, and cosmetics.

In addition, Caprylic Acid - Manufacturer is purported to manage high blood pressure, treat Crohn's diseas, as well as reduce cholesterol levels and fight off bacterial  infections.

Caprylic Acid - Manufacturer (Octanoic Acid, CAS No.124-07-2) in flavor And fragrance usedto  manufacture esters used in the production of perfumes and Artificial Flavorings.

Caprylic Acid - Manufacturer (Octanoic Acid, CAS No.124-07-2) in food and beverage used as natural antimicrobial ingredient in sanitizers for food contact surfaces and equipment, particularly in meat processing plants, breweries and wineries.

Caprylic Acid - Manufacturer (Octanoic Acid, CAS No.124-07-2) as lubricants and greases used to manufacture of synthetic lubricants, hydraulic fluids and refrigerant lubricant.

Caprylic Acid - Manufacturer in metal working fluids used as solubilizer for mineral oils. 

Caprylic Acid - Manufacturer in cosmetics can be used as cleansing agents, emulsifying agents, masking agents perfuming agents, thickening agent & surfactants.

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